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Jeanette Villanueva is a visionary leader whose eclectic career spans strategic nonprofit consulting, life coaching, and entrepreneurship. With an impressive background as a former broadcast journalist and a certified life and leadership coach, Jeanette is the heart and soul behind three dynamic ventures: Third Law Consulting, Midlife Sisters Life Coaching, and her brand, Netti.

Through Third Law Consulting, Jeanette leverages her deep understanding of nonprofit dynamics and strategic planning to empower organizations to navigate change and fulfill their missions. Her passion for supporting women in their transformative middle years is evident in Midlife Sisters Life Coaching, where she provides guidance rooted in empathy and experience. Netti's brand is a testament to her creativity and marketing acumen, as she designs a t-shirt line that celebrates midlife women.

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Jeanette's Jones Generation Vlog

Behind Jeanette's professional success lies a personal journey she plans to share in her vlog "Midlife Sisters."Her love story, reuniting with her college sweetheart after three decades, is a beautiful example of love rediscovered. Her family, including her two grown children, Jason and Sarah, is her pride and joy. Jeanette's nurturing spirit extends to her home, where she finds solace in her garden, a testament to her love for nature.Jeanette's story is one of leadership, connection, and resilience—principles she not only lives by but also instills through her businesses, helping others to grow and thrive in their journeys.​​

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